Other Services

We also offer Insurance Assistance and a professional Consent Service:




For a comprehensive explanation of what goes into insuring a house for relocation head over to our BLOG: “INSURING YOUR RELOCATABLE HOUSE – WE’VE MADE IT SIMPLE!”


Our specialist Insurance Advisors have put a lot of work into finding the best policies and prices for the insuring of houses for relocation. Fill out the FORM on our INSURANCE page and we’ll get in touch with you, or you can ring us on 0800 572 3771. We’d love to help you!




The consent process is made easy with us! If you don’t want the hassle of obtaining local consents, or don’t want to run the risk of being misinformed, we can manage this process for you. We are happy to share our experience with you.


You’ll find more info about our Consent Service HERE.


We charge a fee for our service, but we offer FREE advice, so please ring us on 0800 572 3771 or submit your details via our Contact Us page HERE.


We also throw in some Free Stuff:


Here’s what we do for you when you buy a house from us:

  • Direct you to a reputable insurance broker that understands the relocation business
  • Help you understand what questions to ask Council when relocating your house
  • Help you understand the move process and how to project manage your move
  • Give you advice on relocating your house and what you need to know (e.g.Geotech report, Surveyor)
  • Give you checklists on what to do before and after your house moves
  • Help you with our preferred Contractors list


We make it simple!


Please call the office on 0800 572 3771 or submit your details via our Contact Us page HERE.


We’d love to hear from you…